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1. No worries for a vase

Flower arrangement comes with a container.


2. Easy maintenance

You don't need to change water of an arrangement. 

3. Easy transportation

Compared to flowers in a vase, you don't need to worry that it topples and soaks a carpet of your vehicle.

4. Flower lasts longer

Floral arrangement in a floral oasis foam is less likely to develop bacteria.

Flowers in water are prone to have more bacteria and it shortens floral life.

Tips for keeping flowers fresh

1. Place and store in a cooler place

You can put it in a refrigerator over night or outside in winter.

2. Add a small amount of water

You can add a small amount of water on a floral oasis foam or put cubes of ice on a foam to keep it cool and moist.

*Be careful not to pour water on the face of flowers. 

Water, when dripped on the face of any flowers, will cause botrytis.

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